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Indupar HPS luminaire

Indupar HPS grow lighting:

  • has been developed by professionals, the best developers and light technicians,
  • is simple and low-maintenance, which makes the design distinctive,
  • offers long-lasting high efficiency thanks to the open reflector,
  • incorporates only the very best components and bulbs from Dutch manufacturers (Signify and Aruna).

Attention to the product

- The light fittings of Industria Lighting are undoubtedly the best products available in the market right now. -

Our light fittings bring together more than 30 years’ experience in greenhouse horticulture and in lighting. And you’ll notice the difference that makes.

- The light fittings of Industria Lighting are undoubtedly the most reliable products available in the market right now. -

Our unique testing procedures are conducted using only specially developed testing equipment. And the result is high-end products that are not only reliable, but also safe.

Attention to people

Besides guaranteeing the sustainability of our products, we also guarantee that our light fittings are manufactured in a sustainable manner. We are delighted with our partnership with a social enterprise in Westland (PatijnenBurg).

Thanks to their unrivalled craftsmanship, they were the perfect match for us. We work together to achieve the best results. Not only for the sake of the product, but also for the people behind it. And we support this 100%.

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Exclusive distribution partners of Industria Horti Lighting

We work exclusively with two globally operating distribution partners, for supply and installation of our growlight fixtures.

PB tec

PB tec develops innovative and advanced horticultural solutions in the field of electrical engineering, lighting, hydraulic engineering and automation.



Stolze has been a renowned name in international horticulture for more than 50 years.


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