Established in 1920, the Industria brand stands for craftsmanship in development and manufacturing of technical lightingfixtures. Located in Rotterdam at the boundaries of the Westland area the heart of the Dutch Horticulture, in 1992 Industria introduced her first HPS grow-lighting fixture and became a key player in this market.  
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Available in
750 - 1000 - 1150W
Premium quality components from renowned suppliers.
Lowest total cost of ownership
Outstanding thermal household for a long lifetime and high reliability of the power supply, lamp and reflector.
In-house design and development
Developed by our team of engineers. Tested in our own Light Lab facilities.
Manufactured in The Netherlands
100% quality control and traceability.


Positioning of the IHL reflector  

Special lugs in the reflector bracket of the fixture ensure the fixing and positioning of the reflector in relation to the lamp. Together with the double ended lamps this ensures a light distribution as we intended during the design.
The IHL reflectors can be easily taken out of the fixture without removing the lamp.
This makes it easy to clean the lamp during maintenance work.
Without unnecessary damage to the pinches of the lamp.

Protection sleeve

The sleeve is protecting the lamp and reflecctor during transportation

Easy to remove

Sleeve can be used to protect from dirt during installation

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Humidity and an electronic circuit board a bad combination!  
To protect the electronic power supply against the harsh circumstances of a professional greenhouses, the gear housing is equipped with multiple gaskets. A special grommet avoids incoming humidity at the lamp wire input. A special pressure membrane ensures the fixture can “breathe” without moisture coming in.  
Lamp wire grommet
Mains connector gasket
Gore pressure membrane
Operational temperature optimalization Reflector.  
The reflectivity of modern multi- layer reflector base materials can go up to 98 percent. The special anodized base coating protects the underlaying reflecting layer against abrasion and corrosion. Although the hardness of this coating, it is vulnerable for high temperatures. Mind that the bulb temperature of a 1000W HPS lamp can reach 700 degrees centigrade, and herewith the max allowed surface temperature of the reflector material easily is reached. This cause an irreversible crackle and a permanent depreciation of the efficiency of the reflector. The special open design of our IHL reflectors make sure that the max surface temperature of the base materials never reached. The 2-D reflectors technique we already applied in our first 1992 Horti Lighting fixture, generates a higher efficiency and lower depreciation.  
End of life behavior of the lamp. 
The lamp voltage is a very important parameter during the life of the lamp. When the lamp voltage rises too much an electronic driver will shut down to protect the system against overheating. During normal operation, the voltage of a HPS lamp will rise within range. A too high operating temperature as a result of an incorrect of optic design can cause an early shut- off of the lamp. Especially with double ended HPS lamps, a high air circulation or high ambient temperature can affect the performance negatively. Something we already recognized at the introduction of the first 1000W DE lamps in 2005. To reduce this effects, we developed the so- called “lamp heaters”. Without overheating the reflector our lamp heaters ensure, a steady performance of the lamp, lower increase of the lamp voltage and overall lower maintenance costs! 

Lowest total costs of ownership
Without overheating the reflector our lamp heaters ensure, a steady performance of the lamp, lower increase of the lamp voltage and overall lower maintenance costs! 


Protection of the power supply againstthe harsh environmental influences inside a professional greenhouse.

Temperature is the most important parameter to determine lifetime and reliability of the power supply of the fixture. A ten degrees increase of the driver temperature will reduce its lifetime and reliability with half or the other way around! 
Stepfiller for optimal thermal condition
With the sophisticated positioning and perfect fit, we created the best heatsink for critical components on the electronic circuit board. Together with the minimal convected heat transfer from the reflector to the gear- housing our Indupar is one of best cooling fixtures. Even a power of 1150 Watt is no issue for the Indupar fixture. 


Industria and her customers

Listening to the voice of our customers has been the key to our success. 

Our constant drive to develop and produce the best lighting products based on the needs of our customers has resulted in relationships that last for decades.